Plant and agriculture biotechnology

Biotechnology has been practiced for a long time, as people have sought to develop agriculturally significant organisms by selection and breeding. An example of traditional agricultural biotechnology is the development of disease-resistant wheat varieties by cross-breeding different wheat types until the desired disease resistance wheat variety was produced. Genetic engineering technologies can help to enhance health conditions in less developed countries. Genetic engineering can result in improved keeping properties to make transport of fresh produced food easier, giving consumers access to nutritionally valuable whole foods and preventing decay, damage, and loss of nutrients. Benefits of Agriculture Biotechnology consists of Increased crop productivity, Improvements in food processing, Improved nutritional value, Enhanced crop protection, Environmental benefits, Improved flavor, Fresher produce.

4.1 Plant tissue Culture

4.2 Plant Pathology and Physiology

4.3 Crop Protection and Entomology

4.4 Transgenic plants and Crops

4.5 Plant Nutrition and Soil Sciences

4.6 Agriculture Machinery

4.7 Environmental and Agricultural Sustainability

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